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w0116d72 | 10. November 2017

Electronic music was born in the discos and nightclubs nationwide in the early eighties. Today, this genre of music, also known as Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a music largely created by disk jockeys with a purpose of creating environment for dance-based entertainment. EDM soon became one of the […]


Ultra Music Festival 2018

w0116d72 | 10. November 2017

This was my second year in a row doing UMF and it was AMAZING. It also happened to mark my one year anniversary with my boyfriend! We were acquaintances who met up in Miami that fateful weekend and fell in love there. We knew we would have to go to […]

Dj Life

The Death of Dance Music? Get Over Yourself

w0116d72 | 10. November 2017

Time and Time again, one of my friends will say to me, „You’re still listening to Dance Music? When are you going to grow out of that, there hasn’t been anything new in years?“… Me: „No, you haven’t heard anything new in years“. „And listen to what?“ I always say. […]

Club music

History of Dance Music

w0116d72 | 10. November 2017

What is Dance Music? The definition of dance music is quite simply- Music composed/ played specifically for dancing to. Dance music includes a whole variety of music from waltz to tango, disco to rock.From the dawn of mankind humans possessed the desire to danceIn accient times, the first purpose of […]

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